Trouble shooting page

Frequently asked questions

Q.1. I can't peel off the decal, what am I doing wrong?

A. When you get your decals and are ready to use them, peel off the plastic front. Select the decal you want to use and cut out the image as close to the image as you can. Use room temperature / tepid water and this helps the image slide off the special made paper. If you cut it out with the front plastic on your decal will attach to the thicker plastic and it will end up not sticking to the surface of the nail plate as the sheet may curl at the ends. 

Q.2. Can I use the decals on top of regular polish as well as gel polish manicures?

A. Absolutely! If you are using regular polish wait until its completely dry before applying a decal. The make sure you decal has dried completely before the top coat. To ensure the longevity , makes sure you top coat twice for a longer lasting manicure. 

Q.3. How do I apply water decals on gel polish?

A. After you have cured the gel polish for be the background for your design, you can use the dispersion layer to help slide the image around but be very careful you don't rip it. Alternatively you can dry wipe the dispersion layer then apply the decal before the top coat. 

The other option is to buff your gel polish top coat, adhere the decal, wait until completely dry and reapply top coat so it's sandwiched between the two layers.

Q.4. Some of the decals have white on them and I cannot cut any closer to the image without spoiling it, why is this? Am I doing something wrong?

A. No not at all! Some decals can be used as full coverage like these but if you want to use them in a certain section of the nail you are creating, it maybe better to place on top of a white background where the edges blend into the background. Have a play with each pack of decals as some are different to others. 

Q.5. My UV/LED top coat started cracking a day or so after i applied it to my client. Why has this happend? Is it the decals?

A. No the decals don't make the top coat crack. If you apply the top coat before the decals have had time to dry out the moisture trapped will cause cracking and the polish underneath can also wrinkle. You must make sure that the decals you have applied is completely dry before applying any top coat whether it be UV/LED or regular polish. 

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