Loving mixing your own glitter but not sure how to record them?? 

Decal application step by step

Easy one stroke art with 

Water decals!

1. Choose background colour

Choose  a contrasting colour in gel polish or a standard nail polish, from the chosen decal.

Apply to nail and cure or allow to fully dry.

4. Peel off decal gently from the backing paper

Gently tease the decal off the backing paper and gently place on to the nail. Be careful as the decal can tear easily.

If the decal does not come away from the backing paper, just return it to the water to soak for another 30 seconds. 

Tip:Use room temperature or tepid water to speed up the process of sliding the decal off the backing paper.

2. Select and Separate

Cut out the chosen decal, from the sheet. Paying special attention to get as close to the decal itself.

3. Soak

Soak the decal in water for about 30 seconds.

Room temperature water helps the process speed up a little.

5. Seal in the design

Once the decal is dry and set into the position you are happy with, top coat the nail twice to ensure the decal is fully sealed.

Tip: Place the clients hand under UV lamp to speed up drying time.
If a tops coat is applied when still damp, it can cause wrinkling on the design.

How to do reverse application step by step

Love cupcakes and vintage looks? Check out this step by step.

Salon Hygiene

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