**White leaves aren't visible due to the white background in the photo above**

  • Product Info

    Water decals:


    1.Trim, clean and polish fingernails for the background colour.

    2. Remove the film of product, cut out the pattern and plunge into room temperature water for approximately 20-30 seconds.

    3. Gently slide the decal off the backing and place on the polished nail.

    4. Ensure the decal has completely dried out and apply chosen top coat then repeat.

  • Returns policy

    Unless the product is faulty, returns are only accepted if:

    • the goods are received unused and in unopened packaging within 14 days of receiving the product.
    • you are unhappy with the product, we can offer to exchange or offer a credit note, but no refund will be given.

    Postage and packaging is dependent on the variety of weight and size of products bought.