Strong Blue
  • Strong Blue


    “Strong Blue” An eccentric blue, as deep as the cold winter ocean. 


    ‘The Winter Break Collection 2020’

    ‘Winter Break’ is a collection of six new colours inspired by an autumnal woodland walk.

    6 new shades that allow you to embrace Femme Fatale’s favourite season.

    Our best collection yet, filled with shades of autumn and winter.


    Why Femme Fatale Nails:

    FFN’s custom bottle cap and brush gives you ultimate coverage.

    New bottle design gives this collection a fresh new look, with more for your money now in 18ml.

    Our first collection with a sticky inhabitation layer allowing you to add glitter and nail art with ease.

    Extended wear with our ‘Home Run’ topcoat.

    The new collection is HEMA free.

    Winter Break is happy to say we’re vegan and cruelty free.


    What We Do:

    Start by applying ‘1st Base’ to clean, dry nails after cuticle preparation. (when painting onto our Nail 'Puttie' skip the '1st Base' and go directly on those beautiful nails.)

    For a perfect finish, firstly apply a thin, even coat of gel polish and cure for 30secs in LED lamp.

    Apply a second thin, even coat and cure again.

    Seal with our extended wear super shiny ‘Home Run’ topcoat.


    Femme Fatale Nails - Durable, Professional, Affordable