Mellow Yellow
  • Mellow Yellow


    “Mellow Yellow” A rich mustard with golden undertones.


    A Hint of Spring Collection 2021

    ‘A Hint of Spring’ is a collection of six new colours inspired by the delicious pastels of Springtime.

    6 new shades that allow you to embrace the new beginnings season.

    Our favourite collection yet, filled with shades of Spring.


    Why Femme Fatale Nails:

    FFN’s custom bottle cap and brush gives you ultimate coverage.

    New bottle design gives this collection a fresh new look, with more for your money now in 18ml.

    A collection with a sticky inhabitation layer allowing you to add glitter and nail art with ease.

    Extended wear with our ‘Home Run’ topcoat.

    The new collection is HEMA free.

    A Hint of Spring  is happy to say we’re vegan and cruelty free.


    What We Do:

    Start by applying ‘1st Base’ to clean, dry nails after cuticle preparation. (when painting onto our Nail 'Puttie' skip the '1st Base' and go directly on those beautiful nails.)

    For a perfect finish, firstly apply a thin, even coat of gel polish and cure for 30secs in LED lamp.

    Apply a second thin, even coat and cure again.

    Seal with our extended wear super shiny ‘Home Run’ topcoat.


    Femme Fatale Nails - Durable, Professional, Affordable