Glitter Information

Femme Fatale sources their glitter from a number of manufacturers and can be used for a wide range of applications including:
• Nail art
• Glitter tattoos
• Screen printing for fashion garments
• To manufacture glitter paint and wallpaper
• For Arts & Crafts

One of the manufacturers has provided us with the MSDS stating that their glitters are EN71 part 3 certified and it is safe to be used by children allowing us to supply to educational establishments such as schools and nurseries. These particular glitters are  EN71 certified as non-toxic and safe for contact with skin and are produced from the highest quality raw materials and precision cutting techniques for a flawless shine.

We also hold material safety data sheets for other sequins, confetti and glitters for those who may require them.

If you are worried about reactions on your clients, although we have MSDS for your viewing, we would not recommend clients with sensitive skin to have these types of products. However glitter is only placed on the nail plate it should not be in contact with the skin.

Some glitters we use are of cosmetic grade but not all, so please check with your insurance agent before you use them in nail art. 

*Our glitters can be used for nail art at your own discretion, please check with your insurer*. 


If you need further information please email Femme Fatale at

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