About Us

Our first priority is to be customer focused by ensuring our stock is available and dispatched in a timely fashion. We hold your customer service experience in high stead, so the way you work with and navigate around the Femme Fatale Nails website shop will be made easier to provide a faster and more seamless transaction process.

We will be hitting the ground running to ensure Femme Fatale Nail systems, products and training solutions make your business, your workload, your vision, your experience and skill reach the high expectations of both yourselves and your clients’.

Our vision is to spread Femme Fatale Nails to everyone in our industry, showing that our system, products and training solutions are durable, affordable and professional. 

Revolutionising is a task in itself and Kim (Femme Fatale Nails founder) has worked tirelessly to promote, create and spread the word. And we thank her for creating this wonderful platform for us to start on. Now we, Jade and Anthony; award winning salon owners have the pleasure of taking on this wonderful business and will continue to build and drive the products and systems forward.